Creating Community Across Borders 2021

You are invited to join and co-create our free global performance community event ‘Creating Community Across Borders 2021’ (CCAB21) happening simultaneously across 10 countries.

The event is FREE!

To attend please register filling the form in this page.

We come together in this moment in history to create a collective performance of play and solidarity across borders.
We will share and create together performances across different mediums of art, song, dance, poetry, storytelling, and across borders, weaving together local contexts and international threads. Hosting our event from the island of Lesvos, we will gather around the fire in Nepal, share stories in UK, dance on a terrace under the Greek sky in response to poetry in Cyprus, blend music from Colombia and Syria, join the rhythms of drums in Uganda and make new rhythms, new dances, new songs among us.

We come from various contexts and backgrounds and we are all building communities and creating possibilities for dialogue and new kinds of conversations. We have all been through the Pandemic as you, living it both together and differently. In many of our countries we are struggling with Covid-19 and its consequences, we lack resources and mourn losses and we want to connect. We don’t come together only to celebrate. We come together to acknowledge, to gather strength, to create possibilities to connect and to heal through art. We want to bring you where we are and to create together something new with all that we have been through.

We invite you to perform with us and to help create new possibilities!

CCAB21 is organized by the PPLG Community. PPLG is a conference and a community of people from all around the world that use play and performance to heal trauma, stimulate imagination, build bridges and create possibilities. During CCAB21 we will launch the PPLG 2021 Creative Program. For more information visit:

CCAB21 will happen on the Zoom platform on Sunday 8th August 2021, from 18.00 to 20.00 CEST, check your local starting time here:

Please fill the registration form on this page, and you will receive the Zoom link via email.

The event is FREE to attend!

Please forward this invitation to your local networks and communities. Everyone is welcome. For any further enquiries please contact:

PPLG Community team.

Creating Community Across Borders 2021