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Helen is a life performance coach on staff at Life Performance Coaching in San Francisco CA. and one of the founding members of the social therapeutic approach, a radically relational cultural approach to human development and community building. As a life performance coach she helps build creative environments in which people can grow emotionally, develop new ways of responding to challenging conversations and create the lives they want to live. She has developed a series of workshops with the help of the East Side Institute called Playgrounds, where they teach participants to use their capacity to create, perform and play in every day life. And have presented in the U.S., Greece, London and Belgrade she is an Associate of the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy, and instrumental in building Life Performance Coaching as a hub for performance activism.

Helen Abel

Social Therapist, Performance Coach, Life Performance Coaching Centre, San Francisco, USA

Ibrahim is graduated of Al-Furat University, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Deir Ezzor, Bachelor of Arts Department of English Language. His work started in Syria at 2013 with the Ministry of Education as an English teacher. At the same time, he started as a Humanitarian volunteer with Red cross and UNHCR in Syria. He came to Greece on March 2016, and for a period of two months, he worked as a Volunteer with Solidarity Now Organization as an interpreter and shortly thereafter he began working with Terre des Hommes Foundation in Thessaloniki as a cultural mediator and then as a child protection case worker within the case management team, and then with the International Organization for Migration IOM as an Interpreter, and at the present he is working with Danish Refugee Council DRC as Protection Assistant. He currently lives in Greece, Thessaloniki.

Ibrahim Alsayadi

Protection Assistant at Danish Refugee Council, BA English Language, Greece, Syria

A graduate of Anna Petrova Professional Dance School in Athens, Greece ,the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance( Trainee and Teaching Certification programs) and the Dance Education Laboratory of the 92nd street Y Harkness Dance Center in NYC

She taught in these and other schools performed and stage managed dance productions in Greece and NYC

She received the L.O.D.®( Language of Dance ) notation Certificate .She had collaborated with the Fridays at Noon program at the 92nd street Y Harkness Dance Center and was a presenter at the 6th annual NDEO( National Dance |education Organization )2005  in NY ,the SDHS/Cord International Conference 2015in Athens, the PPLG 2018 in Thessaloniki and the Borders, Boundaries and margins Conference at Dance days 8 ,2018 in Chania, Crete

She taught for a decade Contemporary dance, creative movement, Choreology and improvisation classes at Veria Dance School and Hestia Mouson Conservatory in Naoussa .She is an examiner in Dance for the International Baccalaureate from 2008 and an organizing committee member and a collaborator with the Dance Days Festival in Chania from 2014

Currently  she is the head of the dance division at the Kozani Art High School, a collaborator with Synkinisi Dance Studio in Chania and an Outreach group member for PPLG 2019

More information: Aphrodite Antypa [Workshop for children and teenagers] – Dance Days Chania

Aphrodite Antypa

Head of Dance Division at Kozani Art High School, Collaborator of Synkinisi Studio in Chania, Greece

She has studied in the field of education as pre-school, primary school and theological teacher. Her master degree and other studies are related to Εmotional Ιntelligence and Counselling. She is currently teaching in various schools in Brussels. Throughout her practice as pedagogue she created opportunities for the development of students' social-emotional skills through play, fun and cooperative projects. She worked to build environments to cultivate emotional intelligence, self-esteem, adaptation in school, participation in class and motivation towards learning.

Maria  Basmatzidou

Msc Teacher, Consultant of Vocational Training, Brussels

Eva Brenner

Political theatre artist, founder of Project Theatre/ Fleischerei_mobil, Austria

Adam Charvatis is a narrative therapist, psychologist, MSc of School Psychology and Doctor of Psychology. He is the scientific coordinator of the Institute for Narrative Therapy and Community Work (Greece). He is the coordinator in Greece of the narrative therapy training program of Dulwich Centre of Australia, the educational-therapeutic centre which created Narrative Therapy. He is also a trainer in narrative therapy and co-initiator of the program “Popular School of Psychology”

He works as a counselor – therapist for adults, children and groups since 2000. He has worked as a psychologist in a Prevention Centre for Drugs for many years and he is also a school psychologist in schools for pupils with special needs.

He has been a founder member and participated in several voluntary initiatives for social and mental health issues, some of which are the Voluntary Group for Disability and the Self-Education Network for Psychology. Furthermore, he has taught courses on School Psychology and Counseling Psychology in four Greek universities and has six scientific publications.


Adam Charvatis

Psychologist, Coordinator of the Institute for Narrative Therapy and Community Work, Greece

Mariamalia Cob Delgado lives in Osa, Costa Rica. She is a Microbiologist and Clinical Chemistry who works for the social health system of Costa Rica, where she directs the clinical laboratory of the Tomas Casas Hospital on the Southern Pacific coast. She also conducts research in epidemiology with the University of Costa Rica. In her quest to achieve a more humane treatment with her patients she was trained as a therapeutic clown. And in the year 2015 founded the group Burumbun a collective of artists and volunteers who use the clowning as a tool of social integration. Currently, Burumbun is working on the construction of a mental health prevention program through clowning for children and adolescents in areas of social risk.

Mariamalia Cob

Microbiologist in National Health System, Clown, Costa Rica

Claudita is a postmordern Alchimist, loving exploring the unknown, she became aware that her goal is to share what she experienced "first hand" and that her gift is creating beauty out of "limits" of a group and turning the "limits" into "artistic gold" as alchemist. She leads workshop, events, online webinar and chat where people are invited to play with symbols coming from nature, narrative, tarots, mythology, theatrical improvisation and rituals very intuitively to awake the hero, the protagonist in themselves. She supported them in the process of clarifying their unknown present "destination" and discovering what is holding them back and playing together we look how to get thought these superficial and more veiled obstacles and We bridge ourselves further the present Columns of Hercules, we embody the transformative change. for fun and for magic. "Je suis un passeur" one alchemical ferryboat lady.

Claudita Fanni Fertino

Performer, Storyteller, East Side Institute Associate, Greece

(Paris - Le Raincy, France) designs and lead artistic projects that question major themes relating to society through theater, in the frame of international cooperation. With a group of european partners (theatres, universities, schools, NGOs…) he proposes to questions topics like reconciliation, crisis, identity, migrations… through artistic creations and community projects. With his company La Transplanisphere, he is now developing a new local project in Le Raincy (Paris suburb, France) through schools from primary to tertiary level, in relation with European partners from Armenia, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and UK. 2 of the projects on going propose new pedagogical approaches using performing arts : Polart Circle (for adults) and Grow from Seeds (for kids), both of them funded by Erasmus+  EU program.

Since 2019, Transplanisphere is member of Unesco Club.


Bruno Freyssinet

Theatre Director, Facilitator, Founder of La Transplanisphere, France

Juan is a musician, music educator and a project development consultant with key focus on social integration of at-risk communities and children including refugees. He focuses on creating a positive impact on people through the communication and team dynamics found in music. His work started in Colombia at the Pontificia Javeriana University as a teacher and researcher for the arts department where he directed the popular music area of the Youth Music Program from 2004 to 2012. Today, he is still connected to the university as a guest lecturer at the Music Formation Methodologies program. Later he underwent Music Management studies in Norway and Creative Industries / Event Management studies in Germany where he subsequently worked as youth programs director for Tontalente, a nonprofit organization focused on cultural integration through music for refugee kids and young adults in Lübeck, Germany where he also managed, conducted and composed for the Children’s District Orchestra of Eichholz. He currently lives in The Netherlands doing music creation combining middle east, European and Latin-American cultures and as an advisor for creative projects in the development and incubation phase helping creative individuals and organizations in the field of the arts, education and social impact and creative industries to connect the dots and find new ways of turning ideas into projects.


Juan David Garzon

Professional Musician and Music Educator, Netherlands and Colombia

I was born in Lisbon in 1990. Through my interest and engagement with politics during my adolescence I ended up studying Political Sciences and later on Peace Studies in the University of Innsbruck. There I met a perspective on peace work and politics that goes beyond nation states and actually engages the people that live peaces and conflicts. In this line I started using theatre as a method for the exploration and transformation of the peaces and conflicts people and their communities live. I am passionate about peace and conflict transformation at the very personal levels that engages the whole human being, focuses in how we relate rather than who we are and that draws from the richness of the people and communities involved rather than pre-given formulas.


Manuel Graça

Social Theatre Practitioner, Portugal

Becky trained as an actor at London’s Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, and has worked extensively as an actor and facilitator with some of the UK’s leading Community Theatre and Arts companies she founded Olive Branch Arts in 2006. Responding to the growing need for a level of psychological support in much of Olive Branch’s work she completed an MA in Drama and Movement Therapy at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She is currently training at RSCCD in Creative Arts Supervision. Becky runs a private practice for individuals and groups in North and South London. She is also Head of Creative Arts Therapies for the charity delivering therapeutic work with unaccompanied child refugees. She has presented work at The Sesame Institute, University College London, London School of Economics Refugee Week, PPLG Conference Thessaloniki, Storytelling for Refuge/Storytelling as Refuge University of South Wales, Bristol Fair Saturday & Rebel Tuesdays.

Becky Hall

Dramatherapist, Founder of Olive Branch Arts, UK

Uri Noy Meir was born in Zefat in the Northern Galilee, Israel. The story he was brought up with shattered into pieces following his military service. And as result of it he has chosen to weave a process of self-healing with the path of the artist, the researcher, and the activist. As a facilitator he is integrating in his work Social Presencing Theater, Dragon Dreaming and Theatre of the Oppressed and has facilitated groups in Senegal, Nepal, India, Holland, the US, the UK, Spain, Estonia, France, Italy, Israel-Palestine, Georgia, Croatia, and Greece. Nowadays he is based in central Italy and works as consultant that is employing Theory U, to support local and regional organizations in adapting to the age of complexity. He with the Presencing Institute international network of action researchers, is engaged in process of co sensing and developing Social Presencing Theater as tool for future anticipation and and the understanding of transitions in social fields.


Uri Noy Meir

 Facilitator of Theatre of the Oppressed and Social Presencing Theatre, Imaginaction, Italy

Ilaria Olimpico studied International and Diplomatic Sciences at University Orientale in Naples (Italy), with research in Arab-Islamic world. She chose to leave the field of international cooperation and chose to be an intercultural trainer and a facilitator. She uses theater and storytelling as tools for conflict transformation, awareness, social research, salutogenesis. She collaborated as intercultural trainer/facilitator with NGO and associations, as nonformal educator/facilitator in public schools in suburbs mostly with teenagers, as social theater facilitator for art-ivist groups. During the last years, she worked as facilitator of multi-stakeholders groups in a project about Welcoming System in Region Umbria in Italy. She is co-founder of TheAlbero Artistic Collective (, associated artist of ImaginAction (, member of the U.LAB-S community of the Presencing Institute (

Ilaria Olimpico

Facilitator of Theatre and Storytelling, International Sciences and Islamic Studies,
TheAlbero Artistic Collective, ImaginAction, Italy

Sinisa Rudan is an international lecturer, leader of several multidisciplinary projects, entrepreneur and an independent researcher, IT-developer and socially engaged artist/activist. He holds MSc in Computer Sciences, at Electrotechnical Faculty, Belgrade. His work is transdisciplinary - in the fields of Socio-IT collaborative ecosystems, Collective Creativity and Intelligence, Social Psychology, Art and Literature. He pursues these interests through several regional and international positions. Co-founder of ChaOS - an NGO uniting artists and scientists on cultural and humane projects. ( Co-Creator of the CoLaboArthon - a set of methodologies and technologies that internationally empowers and creatively unites poets, artists, and researchers in a dialogue, co-creation, and development. ( Co-founder of ReMaking Tesla - Practices that make a Genius International Forum of Interactive and IT-Augmented Education on Collective Creativity and Innovation ( Project manager of "Poezin Slam Company" and performs as one of its members ( Co-founder of Protopia Lab Serbia/Norway, and member of Protopia International Core Team ( Knowledge Federation, an international organization for systemic innovation ( Sinisa performs his poetry across 3 continents and more than 15 countries. His poetry is translated and he performs in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Serbian languages.

Sinisa Rudan

Co-founder of Chaos, International lecturer, project leader, researcher, Serbia

Barbara Silverman, Founder of Developing Across Borders (DAB), is on the faculty of the East Side Institute. She trained as a social therapist with Fred Newman (founder) Lois Holzman, director of the East Side Institute. Developing Across Borders is a weekly international virtual group informed by social therapeutic methodology. It is a humanistic, radically relational, philosophical, performative psychology focused on emotional development and group creativity. Barbara, a passionate community builder, leads environments that play with differences to cross borders culturally, geographically, socially and emotionally. Throughout her career, she has created innovative clinical collaborative practice and supervisory models with adults and youth in schools and community mental health centers that have received national recognition. She is proud to be part of the outreach organizing committee for PPLG.

Barbara Silverman

Social Therapist, Founder of Developing Across Borders, New York, USA

Mary Smail is a Psychotherapist and Dramatherapist, trained in the Sesame Approach which uses drama and movement in therapeutic work.  She works in private practice under the name SoulWorks UK in London.  With a history in the church, Mary is interested in what she calls “secular spirituality” found outside a religious setting,  and the grace found within soul-making when we listen deep.  She created  and convenes the course Psyche and Soma which looks at the “reversed curriculum” of inner soul wisdom  and how this manifests into a troubled world through the healing arts.  She trains psychotherapy students in the use of embodied myths in talk therapy and co-authored Dramatherapy with Myth and Fairytale – 53 healing stories. She learned that she is a performance activism therapist at the 2018 PPLG conference!

Mary Smail

Dramatherapist, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Founder of Psyche and Soma, UK

Mohamed Sleiman Labat is an artist from the Saharawi refugee camps in southwest Algeria. He was born and raised there. His entire life, he has been a refugee in a camp in a foreign country. Rather than being discouraged or seeking happiness elsewhere, he chose to remain and help inspire his community through art. He works with different art genres and mediums. He often introduces himself as simply ‘a maker’. He’s a calligrapher, a poet, a photographer, a sculptor, a painter and an art facilitator among other things. Coming from a desert culture, He’s familiar with a long tradition of oral expression (indigenous Saharawi poetry and stories) and he likes to combine this with visual art. Recently, he experimented with utilizing discarded materials such as fabric, scraps of wood, metal, plastic and utilitarian objects to create sculptures. This experimentation equipped him with skills and ideas that led to creating MOTIF, his studio in the camps. The studio now is an active hub for art creation and art education. He dream is to create this space for art experimentation in order to devise alternative ways to learning, creating and expressing. He now organizes social activities for young people to meet, to exchange and to create together. He believes art is bringing change to his community.

Mohamed Suleiman

Artist, Founder of Motif Art Studio & Workshop, Saharawi Refugee Camps, Algeria

Ružica Anja Tadić, is a student of the Academy of Arts at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. As a devoted theatre scholar and cinephile - she is enthusiastic to become a multimedia director after she graduates programme Bachelor of Arts-Multimedia director. After studying General Literature and languages at the University of Belgrade, she finds interesting to visualize narrations and to discover non-verbal expressions. Choosing to become a director is a decision to be in a team-working environment and aim at always providing space for the creativity of artists as collaborators in the team art process. While studying she participates in several workshops of contemporary theatre, dance and the use of drama in different discourses. Ružica Anja is born in 1994 and currently lives in the relationship between Belgrade and Novi Sad, two cities in Serbia.

Ruzica Anja Tadic

Student of Directing, Academy of Arts, Serbia

Aubrey is a rogue educator, an illustrator and a coach for transformation. Her gamified approach to coaching and facilitation supports the development of imaginal and lateral thinking skills. She also creates coloring pages (for all ages!) and activity sheets for teachers, coaches and facilitators. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and today she is nomadic, striving to create globally while contributing locally. You can learn more about her and her work at

Aubrey Vora

Founder of Curiosapiens, USA

Gayle Weintraub

Adjunct Professor at CUNY Brooklyn College, USA

David is a Scottish internationalist, born and bred in Dundee, Scotland. Performing on and off stage has been an important aspect of his life from an early age. In the 60s he crossed over the border to England to study Physical Education and Drama. After qualifying as a teacher he left the UK and crossed over another border to Denmark where he has lived since 1967. He has worked and studied in Denmark and Norway. After David left his full time employment as a drama lecturer in Denmark in 2006 he found that singing and voice work provided him with another form of artistic expression that was good for both his body and brain to explore. His current passion and practical research interest, when preparing and facilitating workshops, is the integration of drama and voice work, including singing. He is based in Copenhagen but spends periods of time in Norway and Scotland during the year.


David Keir Wright

Drama Practitioner and Researcher, Associate member of the International Drama/theatre in Education Association (IDEA), the Roy Hart International Arts Association, Denmark and Scotland