PPLG 2021 - Creating Belonging in Times of Pandemic

What is Play Perform Learn Grow (PPLG)?

PPLG is a conference, an international gathering and a growing community.
Founded in 2017 in response to the dehumanizing conditions created by the refugee policy crisis in Europe, PPLG has already taken place three times. It brings together people from around the world who use play and performance to engage social issues, heal trauma, stimulate imagination and possibility, generate community, and build bridges.

The PPLG Community:

PPLG ignited among its participants and their communities a collective movement, nourishing homegrown initiatives and creating new spaces of belonging across borders and cultures. Through art, performance, ritual and play, PPLG honors and celebrates the power of collective creativity to endure and transform adversity, to create new possibilities. The third edition of PPLG took place in 2019 in Thessaloniki at Anatolia College gathering 280 people from 38 countries.

Play Perform Learn Grow 2021:

PPLG 2021 is happening online on 10, 11, 12 of September with the theme: Creating Belonging in Times of Pandemic.
PPLG 2021 is born in times of Pandemic and in response to them. It combines a diverse program of presentations, workshops, panels, emerging community rituals and interactive performances. It is organized in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Thessaly, East Side Institute NY, Epineio Institute, ANAMUH, Lesvos Solidarity, Odysseas – Lesvos and a hive of international organizations.

PPLG is independent and grassroots:

PPLG has always been organized grassroots and completely independently – without external funding. The registration fees make the conference and its community activity feasible. Scholarships are also offered when needed. It’s the people that each time co-create PPLG and make it possible.

PPLG supports grassroots organizations:

PPLG 2021 supports grassroots organizations and NGOs assisting refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos including “Lesvos Solidarity” and “Odysseas – Lesvos”.
A part of the proceeds of PPLG 2021 will be donated to them.

We invite you to create PPLG 2021 with us!


Play Perform Learn Grow 2021 is dedicated to the memory of
David Keir Wright

David Keir Wright (1943-2020) was a Scottish internationalist, born and bred in Dundee. Performing on and off stage was an important aspect of his life from an early age. After qualifying as a teacher, he left the UK for Denmark in 1967 to introduce and pioneer educational drama and theatre in Scandinavia for half a decade. David held a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Physical Education & Drama (Loughborough, England), BA in Theatre Studies (Copenhagen, Denmark), MPhil in Drama and Theatre (Trondheim, Norway). He was an Associate member of the International Drama and Theatre in Education Association (IDEA), the Roy Hart International Arts Association and the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth). His passion was the integration of voice work in drama and theatre. David was part of the international organizing committee of PPLG. With his commitment, integrity, and playfulness he helped to bring PPLG into being. PPLG will honour his legacy and his life for as long as it continues.



Cover credits: Photo by Knut Bry; Design by Yulie Tzirou, Giannis Agathos
Photo credits include: Emma Brown Photography, Mohamed Suleiman, Amir Mohammadi, Peter Harris