Abstract Submission

NEW! Abstracts must be submitted by June 10, 2019.

Authors will be informed about the abstract review results by June 25, 2019.
After the acceptance of the abstract, presenters are requested to register by June 30, 2019.

 Abstract content
Abstracts should contain:

  • Activity
  • Methodology
  • Key-words

 Abstract assessment
The submitted abstracts will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • The presentation’s relevance to the conference’s main theme
  • The presentation’s impact on science, research, art and community development
  • The presentation’s theoretical and methodological foundation
  • The utilization of research findings for educational and community practices


Abstract format

The following guidelines must be followed carefully:

Title of the abstract: Use capital letters, font Calibri, size 11, style bold, text aligned left

Names of the authors: use title case, the surname follows the first name, font Calibri, size 11, text aligned left, use comma to separate author’s names, use numbers (superscript) at the end to denote different affiliations, underline presenting author but not the superscript. Do not include degrees or professional titles.

Affiliations: Type the affiliations of each author, each word should be capitalized (Department, Organization, City, Country). Use a different paragraph for each affiliation, following the relative reference number and a space. Use font Calibri, size 11, line spacing 13pt, paragraph spacing 0pt, text aligned left.

Prepare your abstract (max. 2.500 characters) electronically in English as a Microsoft Office ‐ Word Document (.doc / .docx). Abstracts should fit on one side of an A4 sized page (297 x 210 mm); The standard body typeface is set in Calibri font, body size 11, text aligned fully. Set all text fonts colour to black. The body of your texts should be expressed concisely, to optimise your page space. Scientific names must always be formatted in italics but not followed by author names. When using abbreviations, use the term in full in the text, when first mentioning it, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. References, drawings, figures and small tables are not allowed.

Key-words: Limited to five, short alphabetically, use font Calibri, size 11.