Call for Proposals

Play, Perform, Learn, Grow invites proposals—presentations, panel discussions, participatory workshops, performances, and other forms of creative conversation and engagement—that address, among others, the following questions:

  • How can communities build and be built across borders (physical, cultural and social)?
  • How do diverse communities co-create new spaces of belonging and new culture?
  • How can the creative use of language discover and articulate dialectics between polarities?
  • How can different academic, educational, therapeutic and artistic practices cross borders, learn from and enrich each other?
  • What creative opportunities for personal, community and social development can be found in disruption and chaos?
  • In what ways can performance, play and the arts engage and possibly transform the politic of otherness and antagonism?
  • How can imaginative and embodied practices help us converse with  polarised aspects of the world and ourselves? What are the possibilities and limitations of the creative methods we use?
  • How is the activity of bridging captured and nourished in arts, poetry and myths?
  • How can play and performance create alternatives to authority and the knowing paradigm?

Play, Perform, Learn, Grow is a mobile international conference that responds to local contexts and creates opportunities for new leaders and communities to emerge. It happens biannually across Europe bringing together artists and scholars, grassroots and academic partners, organizations and communities to play, converse, perform, reflect, research and build new collaborations and possibilities. Play, Perform, Learn, Grow has been inspired by and builds with the history of Performing the World, a biannual gathering, since 2001, of performance activists and scholars in New York City, co-sponsored by the East Side Institute and the All Stars Project.