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Sunday 12 September 2021:

Zoom links
on email: some of you couldn’t find the Zoom links email, as in some case the email ends up in the spam folder.
Please check ALL your inbox folders. For problems, write to us (contact@pplg.org) and we will immediately forward them to you.

Emerging Sessions:
Sunday at 16:00-17.30 CET we will all meet in ROOM 1, where we will announce the sessions/rooms and we will then choose, in that moment, which session to join.
In order to propose your session, send your proposal by 14.00 CET to contact@pplg.org.

Saturday 11 September 2021:

We added Sharing Boards for each day. Find them here on this page.

Friday 10 September 2021:

Welcome to PPLG 2021! Our opening Improvisation Sessions start at 9.30 CET in ROOM 1. See you there!

Resting Sessions:
Take note that in the Program the Resting Sessions rooms are added incorrectly:
Cooking Nostimo with Daphne at Votsala: Room 2
Online Music Night with Rian: Room 3


Use these Sharing Boards to add sticky notes about the sessions, images, websites, videos, contacts, or anything you would like to share. You can also like and comment:


Where are we co-creating PPLG 2021 from? Add your location!


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PPLG 2021 Notice and Sharing Board

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