Guidelines and Presentation Types

Participants interested to present, are invited  to submit an abstract related to any of the above mentioned topics and state their preferred form of presentation.

The types of presentation will also be decided depending on time and space availability.

The submission of the proposals is processed through subscription to the electronic platform.


1)      Plenary Sessions (Invited Speakers)

Presenters from major academic institutions, community, therapy  and art organizations have been invited.

Time allocated for each presentation is 30 minutes. Discussion will follow at the end of each session.

2)      Parallel Sessions

Speakers from around the world will present their papers. 20 minutes will be allotted to each oral presentation, including projection time. The presentations will then followed by conversation and reflection from the audience through creative means.

3)      Panels (invited symposia)

The Coordinator of a panel chairs the session that includes up to 4 presentations and a period for emerging conversation with the audience. Coordinators are responsible for collecting and subsequently forwarding to the Conference Secretariat all individual abstracts.

Proposals include:

  • panel session title
  • names of the participants
  • titles and abstracts of the presentations included in each panel

Overall time allocated to each panel is 90 minutes.

 4)      Workshops

Workshop facilitators plan and facilitate the workshop session.

Overall time allocated to each workshop is 60 to 90 minutes.

5)      Project Presentations

Presenters are invited to submit current projects at proposal stage or work in progress. Overall time allocated to each project is 20 minutes.

 6)      Poster Presentations

The dimensions of the posters are: height 70 cm X width 50 cm.

7)      Performances (Invited artists)

Invited artists will present theatre, dance and music performances.

The time allocated for each performance is 30 to 60 minutes.